What is phi?

Your phi score gives you and your doctor more information about what your elevated PSA might mean.

phi is:

  • A simple blood test.
  • 3X better at detecting prostate cancer than PSA.
  • A powerful combination of three tests-in-one.

If your phi result is low, and other factors suggest that your cancer risk is low, your doctor may recommend against a biopsy, at least initially. More frequent check-ups (“watchful waiting”) may be all that you need.

If your phi result is high, and your doctor is concerned about other risk factors, a prostate biopsy, or other tests may be recommended.

phi Before Biospy

Why phi before a biopsy?

Because phi is three times better at detecting prostate cancer, having a phi test before a prostate biopsy will give your doctor greater confidence that a biopsy is, or isn’t, the best choice for you.

Studies have shown that up to 75% of prostate biopsies come back negative1, meaning that there is a need for better information about your prostate health before a biopsy.

phi gives you the information you need.

*phi, or the Prostate Health Index, is a simple new blood test for the detection of prostate cancer. phi is indicated for use for men over 50 years of age with a PSA level between 2-10 ng/mL with a digital rectal exam that is non-suspicious for cancer.

  1. Graif T, Loeb S, Roehl KA, Gashti SN, Griffin C, Yu X, Catalona WJ. Under diagnosis and over diagnosis of prostate cancer. Journal of Urology 2007;178(1): 882.